Classic Lines Mature Woman Skin Line

Classic Lines

Celebrate your age with Classic Lines skins from Brazen Women!

The Classic Lines skins were created from custom modifications to Eloh Eliot's open source skin files. This line was designed to provide a range of ages for women, in a variety of skin tones, makeup colors, hair colors, and pubic hair styles.

Age Ranges

CLASSIC LINES I skin has a hint of lines and creases on the face.

CLASSIC LINES II deepens those lines for a slightly older woman.

CLASSIC LINES III is a face of laugh lines and wrinkes, with salt-and-pepper eyebrows, and a body that is not as trim as her younger counterparts, but who has an equal zest for life.

Makeup Options

  • Basic Skin Pack
  • Lightly Skin Pack
  • Blue Ice Skin Pack
  • Smoke Skin Pack

Hair Color Options

Each Classic Lines skin pack includes 4 hair colors (black, brown, red, blond), in 2 pubic hair choices (natural & shaved) for a total of 8 skins.

Classic Lines III skin pack also includes the salt & pepper hair color in natural and shaved versions.

Free Skin Demos

Free demos of the Classic Lines skins are available from Xstreet SL or inworld at the Brazen Women store.

Purchase Online or Inworld

Each Classic Lines makeup skin pack sells for L$175. A 4-Pack of all makeup options for one skin tone is L$550.

Skin Tone 4-Packs are available from Xstreet SL and at the Brazen Women store. (Single makeup options are only available inworld.)

Download the Classic Lines Photoshop Files

I'm making my Photoshop files available to anyone who would like to work with this particular mod of Eloh Eliot's skins (see Eloh's Blog).

To download a zip of these files, right-click on the link below and save to your hard drive.

More Information

For more information, IM Beebo Brink inworld.

Beebo Brink